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Architecture by Adrian Tuchel

Adrian is not only an Artist, but also an Architect specialising in small projects with the aim of helping clients:

Claim more space
Improve their environment
Add colour to life

In the 21st Century urban environment, space is increasingly expensive, so the skill of an Architect who sees potential in adaptations and extensions to existing properties is always to be valued.

Adrian sees opportunities for change in all spaces, seeking to maximize potential by finding innovative solutions – as can be seen in the projects presented:

Examples include an en suite bathroom with shower created under a modified roofline; a desk area under the eaves of the roof with the addition of a Velux window and a Terrace which can add value and individuality to a house.

The gift of seeing space in three dimensions and the ability to present detailed projects with multiple drawings from different perspectives is Adrian’s particular talent.

Please contact Adrian for an initial consultation.

Project Portfolio