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Loft Architecture Project by Adrian Tuchel


The main building did not comply for desired storage for different dimension of art work. Having in the garden a north facing area which was never providing the growing dream even of a gardener with the green finger, it was declared the ideal place for the studio. The aims were to achieve with one shot the best place and space for an architect &art design enthusiast, including two working areas (one “hand” artistically and another computeristicly) with good natural light, connection to all modern apparatus, printers, scanner, television, radio, book and dossier shelves and an easy accessible big art/picture storage place. As our known builder had a working window the project had to be simple, not needing planning permission to be able to start in a short time. That meant respecting a height of max. 3.20 m. For the gardeners pleasure the new single building had not to be intrusive.