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Exhibition By
Adrian Tuchel

Campo S. Stefano, San Marco 2842
Linea 1 – 2 Actv, Accademia

A Portrait of the Iconic Hotel
Works by Adrian Tuchel

From 6th to the 28th September
Opening times: Daily 10am to 7pm

Info tel. (+39) 333 - 7066885

Adrian Tuchel is a member of the Society of Architect Artists in London, of The Ruskin Society, of The Turner Society and is member of the “Open Studios” Cambridge. He works and lives with his family in Cambridge.

The “ The NEW EUROPE Society” of Cambridge in collaboration with “Reale Societa’ Canottieri Bucintoro 1882” of Venice, present an architectural portrait of The Gritti Palace Hotel with works by Adrian Tuchel. The “Gritti” as it’s known in the world of global tourism - now recognised as “The HOTEL” in Venice – has recently undergone an incredible restoration and has recently reopened for the discerning traveller

Following an important artistic commission undertaken for the Gritti Palace, Tuchel was allowed to discover many architectural details which he exhibits in his works, starting from the roof-top terrace with the overwhelming views of the Salute church and the Grand Canal, to interiors of the prestigious suites, the bars and restaurants and also the magnificent Terrace which personalities and VIPs enjoyed in the past and continue to enjoy today.

A “Grand Tour” for all.

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All works on display in Venice are available to the general public following a minimum suggested donation. All proceeds from the exhibition will go to support the “The New Europe Society” Cambridge - which organises events in the prestigious venues of its Colleges - of which Tuchel is the Chairman. Authorised art dealer Gallery19 in South Kensington, London.