All the available original artwork is supplied in its current state as in the artist’s collection. Big panoramas are stored in a tube, smaller pieces in a gift box. Special framing and delivery can be provided on request.

Each print produced is a unique piece of art. All of the pieces are hand signed and numbered by Adrian Tuchel and are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. The numbers on the print denote the individual piece number in the edition over the total edition size. (i.e. 9/30).Paper variety, printing technique, the size of the edition and the consistent quality of each print in the edition are Adrian’s choice of subject matter and style.

A. Small Limited Editions – for all panoramas
The small limited edition series, often called original prints, are produced in a small quantity. In the case of the panoramas only 25 pieces. Once this particular edition is sold out (which is indicated next to the picture), no further prints will be produced.

B. Open Editions – for all gift boxes
The majority of the original works are available as an open edition (not limited to predetermined print quantity) and are produced to order. The limited edition series are produced in numbered series of only 50 pieces. Once this edition is sold out (which is indicated next to the picture), we reserve our right to reprint only 2 more editions, if requested, after which no further prints will be produced.

The printing facility employed has well over 35 years of experience in fine art printing and art publishing. The printing is accomplished using 170g acid-free quality paper, pigment-based inks and a four colour process printer ensuring high quality. The first 3 test prints of all series remain in our archive.

The original artwork is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity which certifies that the purchased work is unique and authentic. The limited edition series are hand signed and numbered by Adrian Tuchel. The document specifies title, date, medium, size and its catalogue number with Adrian Tuchel’s original signature. All prints also have an official embossed stamp on the lower right side of the artwork.

As with all works of art, copyright remains with the artist. The purchaser is granted possession of the work, but permission must be sought for any reproduction rights from the artist. Depending on the request, a fee may be negotiable. Commercial exploitation is prohibited without the granting of a licence and the payment of a fee. It could be that the artist may approach the purchaser in the future requesting a short term loan of the work, for exhibition purposes, and it is presumed that the owner will approve and comply with such a request. If the owner wishes to sell the work, it would be appreciated if the artist were given the first offer to purchase.